Contract Abstraction

Contract Abstraction is the process of "abstracting" key dates, clauses, options, and other pertinent information from a paper contract into data useable by a Contract Management System. Accord Legal has a depth of experience in performing high quality, high volume abstraction for a variety of different companies and different types of contracts.

Contractual documents may run into hundreds of pages, gaining a blanket view of which may become considerably tedious and time-consuming for an attorney/manager. The process of culling out the specifics of a contract including relevant dates, clauses and pertinent information regarding the parties, is necessary to construct an abstract.

Accord Legal offers high quality and high volume abstraction for a variety of enterprises ranging across the spectrum of contracts. With a qualified team, technically competent in multifarious fields, we maximize the accuracy of abstracts, while providing greater accessibility, continuity, and performance to the document management lifecycle.